Chatbots and their types

Chatbots are programs developed to engage automatically with the messaged received. Chatbots are programmed to acknowledge the same way every time, to respond in a various way to messages that include specific keywords and even to make use of the machine learning to reconcile their responses to fit the scenario or circumstances.

Types of Chatbots:

Chatbots influences chat medium like website chat windows, SMS text, social messaging services across various platforms like Twitter and Facebook to respond and receive messages. Chatbots are in many forms and here are some of the types of chatbots classifieds based on backend, purpose, and audience.

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Based on Backend:

There are three different types of chatbots classified under backend.

Scripted/Sequential Chatbots:

Otherwise derived as Flow chatbots are the former bots which are in the form of a tree. It means they respond in a determined manner and everything delivered by them is fed them to the bots by the developer. The scope is limited even if you have the freedom to question or answer these types of bots.

Flow chatbots come with keywords, catchphrases, and buttons as a replacement of free writing.

Machine Language Based AI Chatbots:

Artificial chatbots depend on AI to function alternately to the predetermined flow. They allow users to get engaged in a user-friendly way. Due to the AI implementation, the chatbots upgrade their perception and knowledge depending on the real world experience. AI bots are classified into two types namely.

One way AI: these bots execute AI as interaction. It helps in decoding the input of the user by making use of the NLP and offers output as determined by the developer. The critical difference between one way AI and flow chatbot is that the user response tends to face limitations in terms of keywords or button in Flow bot whereas in One way AI, the user feel free when offering their input.

Two way AI: These bots use AI on both sides of the interaction. It means it executes artificial intelligence to provide output. Regardless of singling out the response from various pre-made answers and commencing a plan, these types of bots are capable of assembling response rapidly. Most of the two way AI bots works by coupling data they obtain experience from. Two way AI bots are also capable of comprehending the aim and to process the input of the clients.

Hybrid Chatbots:

As per the name, these types of chatbots initiates a connection between two categorized elements mentioned above. Many commercial chatbots fall for two main reasons namely.

There is no sense if the input from the user directs conversation as they lead to either catastrophic updates or unfruitful interaction in AI Knowledgebase.
It is entirely impractical to intimate either AI bot or flow bot.

These types of bots use AI essential for twisting the conversion. The pre-fed instructions of the bots ensure that the conversation will not leave the area of purpose for what the chatbot is being made use of.

Apart from the classification based on the backend, Chatbots are also divided into two types namely based on Purpose and Based on Audience. As a whole, chatbots are developed to improve the businesses to a greater extent in the present and future as well save you a lot of time and energy.